As professionals in an early learning setting, we are often among the first people asked for parenting advice. We have been given the opportunity to be a trusted source in a world of mixed messages.

The world of nutrition is ever changing and at times confusing. Before completing my schooling through the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, I spent many years in the wonderful world of Early Childhood Education. I remember reviewing our menu and nutrition practices on a regular basis. This was a time that I enjoyed as well as dreaded. Were we doing it right? Were the children being introduced to enough variety? How should we encourage children who were very selective in their food choices?

I believe that it is our role in Early Learning is to help families establish and maintain healthy choices and attitudes around food and meal times that will last a lifetime.

As a Nutritionist, and also actively involved in the world of early learning, I can help your centre or school go above and beyond the current ministry guidelines and make your snack and meal times come alive! We can drum up excitement for healthy, whole food eating for you and your families!

For Children

Provide your children an exciting, informative & age appropriate hands on learning activity. We might travel the world to discover new flavours or see just how many fruits and veggies we can squish into a smoothie! For school aged children, I also offer Master Chef sessions that encourages kids to get comfortable and excited about spending time in the kitchen! Contact me here for more information and pricing.

Are you looking for one on one care for your child’s nutrition needs? For information on pediatric services such as nutrition assessments or support for food sensitivities and allergies click here.

For Families

Inspire your families to make nutrition a priority. You can choose from the following or suggest your own topic:

Supporting the ‘Selective Eater’

We’ve all had experience with a less than adventurous eater! Perhaps you were or still are one yourself! This workshop will walk you through the some of the issues that can accompany a, ‘selective eater’s,’ choices. Why is trying new foods a challenge for some children? Why do they seem to love something one day and refuse it the next?What are potential emotional or motor issues that may be influencing your child’s actions? With a larger understanding of what could be causing your child to be selective in their food choices, we will discuss strategies to support you and child.

Childhood Nutrition 101

As a parent, the learning curve just doesn’t seem to stop bending! Have you ever found yourself worrying over whether or not your child is eating enough? Does it seem like your child is constantly hungry and then won’t eat at the dinner table? Join Amy, as she explores the ins and outs of childhood nutrition. Topics include supporting your child’s immunity, strategies for quick & easy family dining and getting children involved in the kitchen. You’ll leave with a ‘toolbox’ full of tips and tricks to help you set a solid foundation for your family’s approach to eating healthy.

Uncovering the What and Why of Food Allergies & Sensitivities

Providing nourishing, wholesome meals is one of the greatest gifts we can give to parents who entrust their children to our care. We are helping to lay down the foundation for healthy and nutritious habits that will last a lifetime. What happens though when food allergies, sensitivities or special dietary requirements are thrown into the mix?

Spend some time with me as we uncover the what and why of food allergies, sensitivities and other dietary considerations. You will leave this session equipped with tips, tricks and recipes to support families who are maneuvering this sometimes very confusing and frustrating landscape.

Why Nutrition Matters for Mental Health

An estimated 1.2 million children and youth in Canada are affected by mental health issues. 17% of children ages 2-5 years meet diagnostic criteria for mental health problems. ( Does nutrition matter for our mental health? Many children are over fed and undernourished. There are key nutrients that many of our children are simply just not getting enough of for healthy brain development and function. We will consider recent research and how to implement strategies to promote mental health through healthy eating and balanced lifestyles.

Staff Training

Provide for your staff a one hour nutrition seminar. Choose from the options below or suggest your own topic.

Healthy Choices & Healthy Bodies

As those who share their days with children, we play a significant role in creating a foundation for healthy habits and opinions. Part of that responsibility is to help set the stage for healthy ideas about food, physical activity and self image. We will examine our role in helping to shape the attitudes that contribute to long term health and wellness. The importance of limiting refined sugars, including healthy fats and complex carbohydrates will also be discussed. We will consider ways to support children while in our care as well as their families as they establish healthy habits at home.

Food, Tradition & Nourishing Family Values – Building Relationships that Last a Lifetime

For centuries, meals have provided an opportunity to connect, teach and celebrate. Today, many of us live in a hurried world, including children. Schedules quickly become full with activities and lessons. Many children are learning how to eat finger food in the car and are beginning to lack basic dining skills. It is time for drive thru meals to take a back seat and embrace mindful, technology free dining! We can start the dinner table revolution by looking at the way we view snacks and lunch time with the children while in our care. Do we see eating as simply another transition or an opportunity for more?

Childcare Centre Menu & Kitchen Clean Up

Bring a Little Pizzazz to Your Plates

Do meal times have you in a slump? This workshop is intended for those looking for a little inspiration in the kitchen. We all know that eating healthy is important but how do we do create nutritious meals and snacks that actually get eaten and stay on budget? Let’s bring a little pizzazz to our plates and have a little fun while we are doing it too!

This package includes a one hour seminar filling you and your staff in on the latest & best nutrition practices, a 30 minute kitchen clean up where I help you identify the items that should stay and the ones that should go, and I will work with you to make your menu the best on the block! You may also want to add on a grocery shopping tour for the primary shopper for added value!

Home Child Care Nutrition Review

As home child care providers, it can sometimes be difficult to know if you are one the right track in terms of nutrition. You are usually the main child care provider, the cook, the property manager & the treasurer! It can be difficult to keep up with all of those roles. I will meet you either on site or in my office for one hour to review dietary recommendations for children, help you understand nutrition labels and ingredient lists as well as tips and tricks to encourage children and their families to establish healthy habits for life. You may also want to consider adding on a grocery shopping tour or pantry clean up to for added value.


Contact Amy for more information. Additional charges apply for travel outside of a 30 minute travel radius.