Nutritional Assessments

Whether you are looking to simply improve your overall nutrition, or you have specific reasons for seeking support, a personalized nutrition assessment is a great way to begin your journey to improved health.

Adult Assessment 

$250.00 for assessment package

Assessment Part 1: 1 to 1 ½ hour session.  This is an information gathering session, where we will discuss your lifestyle and current eating habits, and review the forms you have completed before our meeting.  I will suggest some basic steps to better nutrition.

Assessment Part 2: 1 hour session.  We will discuss the personalized nutrition plan that I have created for you, based on the information from our last session.  This session will take place approximately 1 week after your initial consultation.

Assessment Part 3: 30 minute session.  This is where we find out what is working well and what still needs tweaking. After this appointment, we can discuss additional coaching sessions to keep the momentum building and make your goals a reality.


Pediatric Assessment

Does your child have digestive issues, have difficulty concentrating or struggle with frequent ear infections or colds? What about eczema or dry skin? A personalized nutritional assessment can help determine if there are nutritional strategies that will support your child’s system. The pediatric nutritional assessment follows the same format as the adult. Your child is welcome to participate in the appointments or parents can come on their own. A child is considered 0-12 years old. $220.00 for assessment package.


Family Assessment

Feeding your family is one of the most important jobs as a parent. You are laying the foundation for healthy habits that will last your child’s lifetime. Have you ever found yourself worrying over whether or not your child is eating enough? Do family members wrestle with eating their greens? Are you an active family trying hard to get nutrient dense food into your child’s growing body? Whether you are new to parenting or have teenage kids, let me help you get on track with your family’s nutrition. This assessment follows the same format as above and will help provide you with a ‘toolbox’ full of tips and tricks to help you set a solid foundation for your family’s approach to eating healthy. $250.00 for the assessment package.

Coaching Sessions

It feels so good to make positive changes that are going to affect your overall health. Some of these changes are easy to maintain and some are not. Don’t throw in the towel and give up on all you’ve accomplished just because of a few bumps in the road! Stay motivated and focused! You’ve got your own personal cheerleader and coach ready to help inspire and encourage you along the way.

Each coaching session is 30 minutes in length and can be done in office, over the phone, by email, or online with Skype or Facetime. That means if you are having a rough day and no time for an in office appointment, we can get you coaching when you need it. Assessment must be completed before beginning coaching sessions.

3 Sessions -$150
5 Sessions – $235
10 Session – $425

Payment Details

Fees are payable by cash, e-transfer, cheque or credit card on the day of the scheduled session.

Some extended health insurance benefit plans offer partial coverage for alternative health care such as nutritional counselling. A note from your physician stating the need for nutritional counselling services may be necessary to obtain coverage. Consult your benefit provider for more information.