comfy pants can't be trusted

Comfy pants can’t be trusted.

We all have our favourite pair of lounge pants that feel like home. They are soft and cozy and non-judgemental. The thing is, those comfy pants can get us into trouble whether it is over the holidays, or as in this case during a pandemic.

I think for many of us, instead of getting dressed into our regular clothes, those lounge pants…or pyjama pants for that matter, have started taking over our daily clothing choices. Am I right? We soon forget that we even own anything without an elastic waistband. While it may feel marvellous at the moment, it likely isn’t a good long term strategy.

Next thing we know, and believe me I am looking forward to that day, we are back to our ‘new’ normal routine, only to find that our pants have all ‘shrunk.’

Now is not the time to take on a strict diet. I would actually offer up that rarely is it the time to take up a strict diet with the exception of health conditions that may require swift & significant changes to your daily diet. However, it also not the time to completely throw caution to the wind either.

If you spend more than 2 minutes on social media, you will notice that baking has become one of our favourite past times on a global scale. I’ve seen everything from decadent brownies, white fluffy bread and cakes that look like they are right out of a magazine. There is something comforting and grounding about baking. I get it. The smell of apple pie brings warmth to my very soul. But here is the thing…we need to be able to find comfort in other things right now than eating our troubles away.

Here are a few thoughts to consider…

  • By all means, enjoy the process of baking if it brings you joy, but be mindful about making it a weekly event instead of a daily one. Also, look for recipes that use wholesome ingredients and minimal refined sugars. One of my favourite recipes is my Maple Granola Bar. It is loaded with whole grains, seeds and uses maple syrup as a sweetener.
  • The weather is changing and it is finally starting to get warmer in my part of the world. Now is a great time to begin incorporating lighter foods to your menu – smoothies, salads and grilled veggies are great places to start.
  • Get dressed. Let’s enjoy those comfy pants, but also be mindful not to let waistband eating take over our lives. Putting on regular clothes & maybe even doing my hair, inspires me to be productive and helps me to find more purpose in my daily activities.
  • Find comfort in other activities besides eating or drinking your troubles away. Go for a walk, listen to an uplifting podcast, call a friend, take a bath or watch something funny. My new family favourite show is John Krasinski’s Some Good News

If you are finding that you are having a tough time with emotional eating, I am here to help. I continue to offer virtual sessions to help you keep healthy eating and self-care a priority. Reach out to me at

Wishing you peace, calm and slices of joy, today and everyday!