I think it is safe to say that if you’ve been around here for a little while, you know how important I believe it is to eat real food and support local farmers. I would like to introduce you to Caitey. She is a mother of 4, dairy farmer and photographer in the heart of Oxford County. She is very grateful to be able to share the farming lifestyle with her children, and strongly believes in eating locally produced food. When she is not caring for calves, or chasing after one of her own children, she can often be found capturing family moments and milestones for her photography clients.  You can find out more about her on Instagram @ Days Like This Photos

Caitey recently shared an inside look at dairy farming on Instagram. She caught my attention with her beautiful photos of her sweet boy inspecting the milk house. I asked her if I could share these precious moments with you and she graciously agreed.

Welcome to the milk house! Basically command central for our parlour. Pictured here is about 1/6th of our actual milk tank. Every other day, a large refrigerated tanker arrives, places a hose through that hole in the wall, hooks it up to the tank, sucks all the milk out and takes it away for processing.

Prior to even being able to hook his hose up, the driver takes a sample from our tank that tests for antibiotic residues, bacteria count and a few other quality control points. If anything is found to be out of line, the entire tank has to be dumped. If it contains antibiotic residues, we are fined a HUGE amount and the whole tanker load would have to be dumped.

After each milking, our milk lines are washed and sanitized, and after each milk truck pick up, our milk tank is too. Temperatures of the refrigerated milk tank are recorded as well as the temperatures of the wash and if anything is ever too hot or too cold, we are alerted with an alarm.

So why choose Canadian Milk? Not only are you supporting your local farmer and family, but you can be assured that our quality control measures are TOP NOTCH. Starting with the feed the cows eat to the processing plant. No detail is left to chance. 2 year old in photos for scale of tanks and for cuteness factor!#