I just put in the words, ‘weight loss,’ into Google and came up with 174,000,000 options. Clearly this is something that we spend much of our time thinking, worrying, stressing and talking about. It doesn’t matter the verb, weight loss is on our minds. My search also confirmed that people want a quick and easy fix. The truth is that sustainable weight loss doesn’t come in a pill. There is no money back guarantee. And, it can’t be attained in just 2 weeks.

Weight LossIt takes kindness, patience, determination, self love, focus and perseverance. Rarely is weight gain simply about food choices. Weight loss often has its own baggage that it carries. There are many reasons that a person may struggle with their weight. Some of these issues are relatively easy to solve and others can take years of unpacking.

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I help clients along their journey. For some, it is the first time they’ve taken the step to talk to someone outside of their trusted circle about their weight. For others, I am somewhere along the middle of the road, another helping hand on their way to success. There are others still, that I have the opportunity to see all the pieces click together and their goals are met.

Anywhere along that journey, it is a privilege that I am invited into a tender part of someone’s world. That part is vulnerable. Tears are shed. Realizations are made.

While I do spend a great deal of time teaching about food, that isn’t all. I look at the whole person. What is your stage of life? What are your stressors? Are their medical issues that may be contributing to weight gain? Are your goals realistic or are they pulled from media influences? I am here to help you ask questions that will lead you to important answers about yourself. I am here to be your cheerleader. I am here to keep you focused and on task. I am here to help you find your long term plan, not a quick and easy fix.

To find out how I can help you, call me at 519-503-7926 or email me at amy@designedforyounutrition.com