image (3)Well, we did it!  We made it through a birthday party, a Super Bowl party, school lunches, a restaurant and extended family meals.  We successfully removed those foods that were causing my son to have inflammation in his body.  As a recap, my son often complained of a sore stomach, had headaches, was very anxious and had really dark circles under his eyes.  He craved bread & cheese – wanted it every day for breakfast, for lunch, he wanted a sandwich with more cheese and for supper wanted macaroni & cheese.  Obviously, having a mom as a Nutritionist, that didn’t happen – at least on purpose!  I constantly remind my family to aim for variety in our diet, but if he could be King for the day, that would be his requested menu.  At Christmas time, he piled his plate full of stuffing & potatoes.  He enjoyed excessively most of the foods that his blood test indicated was an issue for him.  Often the foods people crave most are the ones that they are sensitive too.

With a few trusty ingredients such as this coconut milk and these chocolate chips as well as my favourite, works every time gluten free flour mix, I was able to make him chocolate brownie cupcakes as a special treat, waffles, pizza muffins and tasty creamy soup.  Other items that were valuable were brown rice or kamut pasta, brown rice bread and corn tostadas.  Obviously, we continued to eat lots of fresh and cooked veggies and an assortment of fruit.

So what did we discover?  I believe that it was a success!  He hasn’t mentioned a headache in a month, only once in awhile he will complain of a sore stomach which can always now be directly traced back to a specific food, usually due to over consumption!  He isn’t a teen yet, but I’m sure he could hold his own with a bunch of adolescents!  As for the worry and the dark circles – those things are better too.  Not totally gone, but it does seem better.

I am so glad that we went ahead and had the blood work done to confirm my suspicions.  It is hard enough to do an elimination diet as a grown up, let alone convincing a kid that it must be done.  We had tried eliminating different foods independently from each other before.  The key to this time is that we did all of the offending foods together.  He needed to see the test results to really get on board.  He did an amazing job!  There were a few sad moments when he couldn’t have something that he wanted, but he persevered and did it.  I am so very proud of him!  We are winding down and he is excited to introduce those foods back into his system.  We will see how it goes.  We will take our time and I’ll take note of reactions.  I promised him that he could be done for Valentine’s Day.  The school is offering a donut day and he really wanted to participate…sigh.  Sounds like a topic for another edition!

If this sounds like something that you think you or your child can benefit from, I would love to help you maneuver your way through this with ease.  I can arrange for the same food sensitivity test that we had done for you.  I can walk you through the steps of preparing you or your child, show you where to shop and share tricks that will free up your time spent in the kitchen.   Call me at 519-503-7926 or email me at