Are you struggling with unmet expectations?  This summer just isn’t what you were hoping for? What about the workout routine that you were convinced would move the scale and it hasn’t made a difference? Or how about the new position that you applied for & didn’t get, that you thought you had in the bag?

Daily, we are faced with the chance to see issues as a battle to fight or an opportunity to take advantage of. Where do you see yourself here? Ideally, I want to find myself in the camp of opportunity. If I’m being honest though, this isn’t where I always land. Authentically looking for the silver lining takes practice. It is critical that we acknowledge our disappointment and our heartbreak. Without this piece, it is difficult to be true to yourself and even others. Once we can acknowledge the tough stuff, we can choose to stay right there taking inventory of hurts, or we can decide to boldly walk forward and do our best to see the opportunities that lie in front of us.

In my home, there has been some discussion about how this just doesn’t feel like a real summer without camping. I get it. I believe that we have camped in some fashion every single summer of my children’s lives. There is always much anticipation over our yearly trip – where we are going, who we are going with and what we are going to eat. This year is different. And while I am in full support of all of the steps we have taken to reduce the spread, the reality is that there is loss. There is no need to give you the list of all of our missed out on activities and disappointments because you have yours too. Thankfully we have not experienced a tragic loss due to the pandemic. For those of you who have, my heart aches for you and I in no way mean to minimize your hurt. The reality for my kids though is that this summer just isn’t measuring up to their expectations.

As their mom, I realize that I can’t fix everything for them, but I can try and bring some summer magic back. One of the things we plan on doing is epic backyard camping. With a little creativity, we can turn our backyard into a fantastic camping destination. This may surprise you but my plans include a makeshift candy store with straight-up sugar, just the way we find in Sauble Beach. A croquet course to mimic mini golf. Outdoor cooking. Movies under the stars and sitting around the fire until we can barely keep our eyes open. Then we will all pile into the tent to fall asleep after a good giggle session. While I am looking forward to all of it, I’m particularly excited about not having to wear my flip flops into the shower and sharing the bathroom without other random campers!

Want to join in on the fun? Plan your own backyard adventure! Click here to read some of our favourite camping foods. Let me know what some of your favourite camping foods are. We are always looking for new things to add to our menu!