As I reflect on the year behind us and look forward to the year ahead, I am grateful to be exactly where I am, who I am, and surrounded by the people who matter the most to me. This past year was a mix of joy and sadness. We welcomed new life into our extended family and I became an auntie again. We also said a premature goodbye to a very special soul. My boys grew both in stature, (for sure,) and maturity, (well, at least a little bit)! They discovered new things about themselves and they learned some hard lessons along the way. My nutrition practice continues to grow and evolve into something really special. Honestly, it is an honour to be invited into your lives. You share with me your nutrition goals,  your health concerns and your dreams for the future.

As I reflect on the year behind me, I also look forward to the year ahead.


Unforgiving Resolutions

I gave up many years ago on making resolutions. Resolutions felt so unforgiving and stifling. As soon as I, ‘slipped up,’ it was game over and I had failed. Setting goals that I could move towards without resolutions disapproving glare, worked really well for several years. For 2016, my goal was to be kinder to myself. I was setting unrealistic expectations for myself. I tried to accomplish more than was reasonable in a day. I beat myself up over things that now seem silly. I had jumped on the bandwagon of being very busy all the time but not really taking the time to do the things or be with the people that matters most. Why is it that we almost wear our busy schedule like a badge of honour? We act as though our self worth relies on a long list of accomplishments. I am learning to live loved, simply because I am who I am. That’s it. Sometimes it is easy and other times I revert to my old ways. The good news is that I am learning to be kinder to myself…however, it is still a process.


For 2017, I’m trying something simpler and streamlined. I am going to focus on one singular word and make it my underlying theme of the year. This year’s word is, ‘connected.’ We live in a world where we talk a lot about being, ‘connected.’ However, this type of connected typically refers to social media and the like. The ‘connected’ that I am after involves spending my most valuable resource, my time, with people and without distractions. That means that I am thinking about boundaries with devices. It means I am intentional about my ‘screen’ time and even more intentional about nurturing relationships. I’m sure that I’ll share more about this with you in future blogs.


This coming week we are headed south with my husband’s extended family. I am so excited to, ‘connect’ with some of my favourite people. I am looking forward to unplugging from technology and spending my time and attention where it really matters. The nutritionist in me wants to post about the fun foods I will be trying and use our vacation as fodder for my blog. Ideas on how to maneuver the buffet table, whether or not it is possible to go to an all inclusive resort and not over eat, etc. have been swirling in my head. While I do still want to touch on these subjects, I am making the choice here and now to not do any of this while on holidays. I don’t want to miss a moment and I am fairy certain that you are patient enough to wait for my return to hear all about the trip!


Wishing you all the best for 2017! I am excited to see where this year takes us! Share your word for 2017 in the comments below.