March Break is nearly here. My boys have been giving me the countdown every morning. For many, a trip somewhere south is in the plans. For others, a little road trip. Whether you are travelling near or far, don’t forget to pack your healthy habits! Read my 5 top healthy travel tips to help you stay on track while on holidays.


  1. Pack snacks. Bringing along your own snacks will not only give you healthier options to choose, you’ll save a heap of money as well. We often pack a mixture of raw nuts and seeds, homemade or simple ingredient granola bars, whole grain crackers and an assortment of bite size fruit and veggies with hummus if we are staying in Canada. Note: Crossing the border with fresh fruit or veggies can get you tangled up at customs. We often stop at a store once we are in the States to purchase fresh produce.
  2. Remember to drink enough water. It can be tempting to reduce your liquid intake while travelling to avoid having to use rest stop or airplane washrooms. This however, is not so great for your body. Travelling can actually be quite dehydrating, especially air travel. Dehydration leads to headaches, grumpiness and over eating. Pack your favourite water bottle and take it on your adventures with you.
  3. Find a grocery store. If driving is your main method of transportation and stopping for food is not only necessary for nourishment but also acts as a travel break, consider stopping at a grocery store for food. Many stores have prepared salads, sandwiches, veggie and fruit trays and soup. You will be able to feed your family for a fraction of the cost when compared to stopping at a restaurant. You’ll also get a chance to stretch those legs while walking around the store. When our children were small, we would stop at a park along the way to eat. It was a win-win for everyone.
  4. First Aid Kit. No matter your destination, consider bringing a natural first aid kit. In addition to the expected bandages and alcohol swabs, we pack probiotics, vitamin C, vitamin D and oil of oregano. Make sure your probiotics are shelf stable as access to refrigeration may be an issue. Probiotics support the digestive system and overall immune system. Many people experience either diarrhea or constipation during travel. Using a probiotic helps keep you regular while also supporting your immune system. Vitamin C and D also support our immune systems. Oil of oregano comes in handy if we start to feel like we are coming down with something such as a cold, sore throat or even a tummy bug. Oil of oregano is anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial. For more information of oil of oregano, click here. Just remember to avoid taking oil of oregano for extended periods of time as it is a natural antibiotic. When you use oil of oregano for too long, it can begin to clear out good bacteria in addition to the bacteria that is making us ill.
  5. Indulge Responsibly. When on holidays, it is only natural to expect to indulge a little bit. The trick here is to not let it go too far. There is something about an all-inclusive trip that makes us want to squeeze every last drop of value out of our trip. While I can appreciate this train of thought and have found myself thinking this very thing, we need to take a step back and look at it a little more objectively. Just because you can have a full buffet at every meal and snacks whenever you please, doesn’t mean that you should. I’ve found that starting my day off with a healthy breakfast helps me make better choices all day long. You don’t need bacon, eggs, waffles, hash browns, an omelette and 3 cups of coffee every morning to start your day. Keep it simple. Your body and waist line will thank you for it!


Whether you are travelling near or far or even staying close to home, enjoy longer days (psst…don’t forget to adjust your clocks this weekend,) and the exciting signs of Spring that are beginning to reveal themselves to us.