Growing up, a healthy breakfast to me was a bowl of cereal with low fat milk, a piece of toast and a glass of orange juice.

Times have changed in my little world! The problem with most store bought breakfast options is that they are made with highly refined grains, a boat load of sugar and a handful of synthetic vitamins & minerals that has lead us to believe that we are eating a nutritionally sound meal.

I challenge you to see outside the box when it comes to breakfast options. Who said you couldn’t have chili or stew for breakfast? In some cultures, they start their day with a fresh salad or a warm soup. Their breakfasts are savoury and not sweet like many North American kitchens are serving first thing in the morning.

So what do we eat at our house? I like to make sure that our meals and snacks are balanced. You want to be eating healthy protein, a complex carb and healthy fat each time. This will give you the fuel you need to stay focused & full until you eat again. Eating breakfast is essentially breaking a fast. We really do want to start our day off on the right foot and eating a healthy breakfast is an important part of this routine. Skipping breakfast is a sure way to a sluggish metabolism, unfocused concentration and late night snacking.

Here is what you might be served if you stopped by my house for breakfast. Be sure to call ahead though so I can make sure there is enough on the table!

  • Plain oatmeal with a little maple syrup, raw walnuts, almonds or pecans and a tablespoon of chia seeds or hemp hearts.
  • Free range eggs served up in various ways. Omelettes are my favourite as they offer a perfect opportunity to add some extra goodness like sautéed onions, peppers and spinach to my breakfast. Or, add a little nitrate free turkey sausage and sliced tomatoes to your hard boiled or fried eggs.
  • Sprouted or whole grain toast with nut butter & a little naturally sweetened blueberry jam.
  • Whole grain muffins that are packed with real fruit, flax seed & whole grains with a side of fruit & Greek yogurt.
  • Smoothies – a perfect opportunity to get 3-4 servings of fruit & veggies in your body at the start of the day.

And yes, sometimes we do have dinner leftovers for breakfast too! For more ideas, check out this video I made on having a healthy breakfast.