There is no doubt about it, Christmas is a special time in our home. We reflect on the birth of a precious baby and how that impacts the way we do life now. We bake cookies, we visit loved ones, we give to the food bank and the kiddos perform marvellously in their school concerts and recitals. The snow gently falls and we bundle up and toboggan as a family.

And then…it all breaks loose friends.

The arguing, the snowball fight that goes too far, the kids that lose interest in baking cookies before the job is done, the mom who yells, the dad who is frustrated, the crying and unmet expectations. I feel like I’ve dropped the ball several times over the last few weeks. I’m not looking for someone to come along side me and tell me that I haven’t. I simply thought that if I am feeling this way, you might be too. I think if we all fess up and say that holidays can be hard, we can help one another. Let’s keep it real, shall we? I set expectations way too high, I aim for perfection, I get tired and I get weary. I am hitting the reset button and I am trying to focus on the important parts here. People are what truly matter. Want to join me?

On Friday, we are hosting an extended family gathering. I have decided to try something a little different this year and I will not be spending the day in the kitchen preparing for our guests arrival. Gasp! This is hard for the nutritionist in me to do, let alone admit! Instead, I will be ordering pizza. That’s it. We might even eat on paper plates. I’ll make popcorn and clean the bathroom. That’s all. I have purposefully made room for myself to focus on relationship, making memories and having fun.


From my family to yours, I wish you peace, love and joy this holiday season.