Let me be the first to say that I love a night off in the kitchen. It is a real treat to have someone else prepare the meal and then have a quick tidy after supper.

And now, even more so than before, our local restaurants and food shops need our support to stay afloat during the second wave of the pandemic. We have made the decision as a family to in fact order take out a little more often than we would normally in order to support our community.

Not a Knee-Jerk Reaction

But, how do you keep take out as an expected event, rather than a knee-jerk reaction to kitchen boredom and lack of motivation?

  1. Make a menu plan. This one strategy all by itself will save you lots of money, minimizes your food waste and reduces your stress level. It doesn’t have to be fancy. My menu plan is on a small calendar and only lists the supper meals. We can figure out breakfasts and lunches on the fly fairly easily with leftover options and our favourite staples on hand.
  2. Schedule the day and type of meal you intend to order in and write it on your menu plan. This way you can have the opportunity to look forward to it. Let everyone in your family have their say and take turns getting to decide what’s for dinner. Try and order from places you are familiar with as well as new places that can expand your taste buds and culinary interests. While fast food often comes to mind as a takeout option, there is so much more to discover than burgers and fries. While I do enjoy these foods too, remember that eating out is a great opportunity to try something new.
  3. While takeout does take the pressure off of cooking an entire meal, don’t forget your veggies. I’ve noticed many times that getting enough vegetables with takeout can be a bit of a challenge. Round out your meal by preparing a platter of fresh raw veggies or a leafy salad to enjoy with your main course.


Above all, enjoy your night off in the kitchen and use the extra time you have on your hands to linger around the table chatting or playing a favourite family game.

Take-Out Dilemma


Here is our latest takeout adventure courtesy of Never Enough Thyme. It was delicious, plentiful and filled with colour! This nutritionist was delighted with all of the veggies! 🥕🍠 Check out their Wicked Wednesday specials!