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Welcome to my shopping page! I’ve put together a few of my favourite things for you to peruse. Most of these items you would find in my own kitchen, others are on my own wish list! Please be aware that I receive a small percentage of the sale, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!


Family Nutrition Quest was created to help you build a solid nutrition foundation for your family. Through fun activities, thoughtful conversation and purposeful action, you will teach your family about the importance of healthy nutrition and contributing to the family.


“Contributing to the family” is code for getting more help in the kitchen! Now who doesn’t want that?


During the 4 week quest, your family will receive an eBook describing the following week’s challenge, menu and shop list.

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Amy's Epicure Page

Amy’s Epicure Page

  • Sale!

    Family Nutrition Quest

    Good value! Each weekly 20-31 pg document includes:

    Your weekly menu A detailed grocery list Tasty kid-tested recipes A family challenge or two to complete together Extra fun food activities for the kids

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