love life stock snapOur tendency in the New Year is to do a major overhaul of our lives. It can all get to be a little much if you ask me. A few years ago, I made my last resolution EVER! I resolved to not make any more resolutions and I haven’t look back! It isn’t that I don’t have aspirations to improve. It is just how I go about these changes. When I used to make resolutions, I would fail a few weeks in. If I’m being honest, sometimes it was only a few hours in before I packed in the resolution! Instead of being inspired to reach my goals, I lived in fear of failure. I now set goals. Goals are something that are a process. There is room for mistakes, rough days and large strides forward too. This year, a goal I have set is to be kinder to myself. My tendency is to push myself beyond what I would ever ask anyone else to do, to be a super mom, build a business…I bet you can fill in a few blanks of your own here! This year, I invite you to join me in easing up on ourselves this year, to live in the moment and enjoy the ride.

My new approach is to make one simple change at a time. Once I’ve become comfortable with that change, it will be time to introduce the next change. A simple change isn’t always an easy change. Slow and steady wins the race! And, remember – mistakes are proof that you are trying! Here are a few of my suggestions to get you started…

  • Create a 15 minute bubble for yourself. In that 15 minutes do whatever brings you calm or a sense of pleasure: reading, prayer, writing in a journal, colouring, drinking a hot cup of tea, etc
  • Stroll – take a walk just for the pleasure of taking a walk. So often my walks turn into a hardcore speed walk while I listen to a podcast that will expand my knowledge base. While these types of walks are great too, I want to enjoy the pleasure of walking, of birds singing, of a puppy exploring alongside me.
  • More time for friends.
  • Less time for screens.

If your goals are more nutritious in nature, try some of these simple changes:

  • Avoid low fat.
  • Avoid sugar free.
  • Buy your bread from a bakery.
  • Drink more water.
  • Buy your food from a farmer.
  • Eat only what you can pronounce.
  • If it has artificial anything, leave it at the store.
  • Use a slow cooker once a week.
  • Say no to white sugar, glucose-fructose, corn syrup.
  • Sweeten foods with maple syrup, honey or coconut sugar.
  • Have a morning smoothie.

I am excited about the year ahead and the kinder approach to life! I would love to hear from you too! What is one simple change that you can get started with right away?