September brings with it a sense of new beginning. We welcome cooler days, cozy sweaters and fall foliage that is breathtaking. Whether you have children or not, there is a feeling of getting back to routine after a full summer. Fall activities amp up, new projects begin at work and the holiday mentality of summer fades away. Here is the thing though. You are in charge of your thoughts and how you approach this new season. In years past, I’ve felt like the schedule got the better part of me and I was left trying to play catch up all year. This year, I want to set myself and my family up for success. Below are a few ideas on how to own your new routine, not have your routine own you!

  1. September New beginningsPlan for success. Sit down with your calendar and begin plotting in anything and everything you can think of. Make sure to include all family members schedules as well. Consider using an online calendar that can be synced together automatically. Now, take a good hard look at the calendar. Do you feel excited by what you see or overwhelmed? Decide what stays and what goes. We function best when we know what is expected of us. For myself, I require the visual reminder on the fridge to keep me feeling on top of it all.
  2. Plan for breakfast! I used to think that breakfast was a time to choose your own thing. In a world where everyone makes their own breakfast, this is a great plan. In a world where the adults are making breakfast for the family, being a short order cook first thing in the morning, just isn’t! Decide ahead of time what type of breakfast foods work well for each day. Save labour intensive breakfasts for slower paced mornings. On the weekend, we will typically make waffles or pancakes. Try making extra and then freeze them. Mid-week, you can just pull out frozen waffles and pop them in the toaster. So easy and much better than the store bought variety.
  3. Plan for lunches when making your weekly grocery list. Often lunches get overlooked while shopping unless we’ve thought ahead. While leftovers are among our favourite options for lunches, I also purchase a variety of produce, whole grain crackers, hummus and nitrate-free pepperoni sticks to have on hand.
  4. Plan for supper. Supper time menu planning has been a huge sanity saver for us! I plan for 5 supper meals per week. I find that if I plan any more than that, our food waste increases significantly. Inevitably, we are invited out for dinner or we have enough leftovers to create an extra meal through the week. Each person in our family gets to choose a meal for the week. This way, we all feel like we have a say in our weekly menu.
  5. Plan for a little time on the weekend for food prep. This typically includes the cutting of veggies and fruit, tearing lettuce for salad and sandwiches, hard boiling eggs and baking either muffins, cookies or granola bars. Get the whole family involved, put on some music and have some fun together.

Wishing you and your family a fantastic September!

Image credit to Elena/Unsplash