Immune SystemThe time has come to get ready for back to school in my house. We have had an amazing summer but we are all craving a little routine and it is time for us to see other people. Check out this fun little video that sums up the end of summer struggles.

As I think about back to school, there are a few things on my mind. I want to set our family up for success and pay a little extra attention to our hard working immune systems. Late nights and extra treats have been fun but now it is time to begin buckling down and get in tip top shape before September rolls in.


Here are my 5 top tips for boosting your immune system:

  1. Get enough sleep. Depending on our age and stage, we need between 7-10 hours of sleep every night. Too often we short change ourselves in the sleep department. The most restorative sleep happens between 10 pm and 2 am. It is best to go to sleep and wake at the same time every day so that your body gets itself into a regular routine. Make sure your room is slightly cool, dark and free from technology that will tempt you to stay up later than you intend.
  2. Eat a rainbow of colours. By this I mean, whole foods from the earth – not brightly coloured candy! Cut back on refined sugars and processed foods. During the summer months, there is an abundance of colourful fresh fruits and veggies to choose from, which is fantastic! Unfortunately, there is also a tendency to consume slushies, ice cream, popsicles and alcoholic beverages many of which contain oodles of sugar and artificial colours and flavours.
  3. Drink lots of water! Being properly hydrated is important on so many levels. Aim to drink 8 cups of water daily. Find water a little boring? Try adding berries, lemon, lime or mint leaves to jazz it up a bit.
  4. Consider adding a few supplements to your routine. Probiotics & vitamin D are two of my favourites. Speak to your health care provider to see if they are right for you.
  5. Plan your routine and menu. Having visual cues reminding you when & where you are supposed to be as well as what you are going to eat is a huge help when it comes to managing stress. Stress is not going anywhere, it is a natural response and it isn’t always a bad thing. Knowing how to thrive and not just survive your daily routine starts by having a plan and setting boundaries. I’m not sure who said it first, but I like this quote. “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” That does not mean that your every moment needs to be planned, but figuring out the big stuff before it happens is a good idea. When we have a reasonable schedule in place, we’ve allowed ourselves the opportunity for spontaneity, rest and relaxation.
What are your tips for getting back to routine after holidays?