mini eggsIt is that time of the year again when the chocolate bunnies and jelly beans are out in full force. Mini eggs used to be my weakness. I would open the bag and I couldn’t stop eating them until they were gone. I will admit that there was a time when I was a total sugar junkie. I had secret stashes all over the place – in my purse, in my house and even at work. Over the years, things have changed and I have been able to form a more ‘healthy’ relationship with sugar. It took time and patience with myself – it didn’t happen overnight. I learned to deal with those cravings with new strategies. Sometimes it was exercising, calling a friend or putting a serving of chocolate into a bowl and NOT going back for seconds. Some days were tough. Some days I succeeded and some days I didn’t. The good days were just as important as the bad days in my learning curve though. The good days showed me I could do it and the bad days, when I felt nauseous afterwards, reminded me why I needed to keep working on the goal of reducing sugar.

As a parent, I try to instill in my children the importance of making healthy choices. I would like for them to avoid having to break nutrition habits later in life like I had to. We spend time discussing food choices in a way that has just become a natural part of our conversation. I do not want them growing up with food issues that stem from being overly conscientious or to completely ‘rebel’ when I’m not looking. I do still allow them to eat candy and indulge in treats from time to time – yes even the artificially coloured, stain your lips blue kind of candy. The reality is that they are kids and I don’t want to deny their requests all the time. The more I say, ‘no,’ the more appealing the candy becomes. I know that as a family we normally eat really well. My children will be just fine and so will I if we pop open a bag of mini-eggs once in awhile.

With all this in mind, I thought I would share some ideas to fill your child’s Easter basket with. While I do allow some candy, there are so many other wonderful things to include in a fun basket.

  • bouncy balls
  • bubbles
  • vegetable seeds & gardening tools
  • good quality chocolate – no hydrogenated oils – avoid cheap chocolate!
  • skipping ropes
  • shorts & t-shirt
  • swim suit
  • sandals
  • Fruit to Go – real fruit leather
  • fold up soccer net
  • mini hockey sticks
  • reusable water bottle or sip cup
  • crafty things – stickers, pencils, markers, googly eyes
  • books
  • side walk chalk
  • ball glove and baseball
  • ice pop molds – make your own yogurt tubes!

Please share some of your healthy ideas below in the comments!

From my family to yours, have a blessed Easter!