I think we can all agree that investing a little extra time in the kitchen is generally a good idea when trying to either keep or create healthy eating habits. Nonetheless, getting yourself in and out of the kitchen a little faster while still eating healthy is a win-win. Give these tried, tested and true tips to help you save time in the kitchen and get you on to other important things in your day…such as putting those feet up!

Start with a Plan – Taking the time to do a little menu planning is a huge time & sanity saver. You’ll earn the time & energy spent planning back ten-fold by not having to try and plan on the fly. Try making a monthly menu plan. At first it sounds like too much, but stick with me here. Write down supper ideas for Monday thru Friday. That’s it. Typically breakfasts & lunches have a way of working themselves out. More on this below. By only planning for 5 supper time meals, you are leaving space for a spontaneous dinner out or the chance to use up any leftovers.Meals in Minutes
Go to the grocery store with a list and stick to it. You’ll spend less time and money while you are there. There is also bound to be less food waste. Obviously, there are certain things that can be added along the way, but really give it some thought before adding it to your cart. Even though the two for one value pack cookies sound like a good deal, do you really want to bring those home?
Carve out an hour on the weekend to do a little prep. Get your whole family involved in a little food prep. Have someone grill chicken breast to use for salads & wraps. Someone else can wash the veggies & fruit while another chops and stores it into containers. Extra points for putting on music & having a dance party while you are at it. Even the youngest members of your family can be involved. Find a job for everyone to establish the expectation and routine that if you eat, you can help in the kitchen.
Hard-boiled Eggs – These are a great secret weapon for quick breakfasts, an easy snack or lunch time salad topping. You can also turn them into egg salad or deviled eggs for a little variety.
Make your favourite soup, stew or curry. Enjoy it as a family meal and then divide into containers for quick & easy lunches.
Wash entire heads of lettuce and chop for salads. If it is already chopped up, you are much more likely to make a salad with dinner. Use a plastic knife or tear to prevent browning.

What are some of your favourite ways to save time in the kitchen? Comment below and share your strategies.

Photo by Malvestida Magazine on Unsplash