Are you living in the moment? Are you reading this post with undivided attention or are you supposed to be doing something else? So often we are disengaged with what is happening around us. I do value technology, however I believe that it has caused us to be so connected to the virtual world that we are disconnected with the real world. We lose sight of the present moment and the people who are actually around us. We spend so much time checking in on social media and tending to the beeps and alerts that our phones make. Seriously, my phone feels like a third child sometimes! I need to make the conscious effort on a daily basis to be in the moment. Being in the moment can mean paying attention to our loved ones as well as to the food we are putting into our mouths.

So often, we are on the run. We grab food and go. We eat lunch in front of a screen of some sort or while driving. We tend to over eat because we are distracted. We aren’t paying attention and our bodies are showing signs of stress. Rates of heart burn, acid reflux, constipation, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease would improve drastically if we spent more time living & eating while present in the moment.

When meeting with clients, one of the biggest hurdles they face is feeling organized and prepared in the kitchen. They want to provide better nutrition for themselves and their loved ones but feel pulled in all directions. They are overwhelmed by the self-inflicted expectations of themselves and really aren’t sure where to begin.

I can help with that! A large part of what I do is show people HOW to make eating well happen. Clients leave my office with the tools they need to make good nutrition a manageable and enjoyable part of their lives. Call me at 519-503-7926 or email me at to find out how I can help you!