Hello Friends!

I feel like it has been a little while since we’ve chatted!  Last week was a little crazy around our house – you know, sick child, work commitments and such!  I am happy to report that we are on the mend and our little immune systems are better for it.

What do you do when you’ve got  an itchy throat or sore tummy in the house?

I like to rely on good sleep, good food and some natural remedies to help make us more comfortable.  Last week, my littlest boy had a fever that didn’t want to give up.  It was a low grade fever that came and went on its own – kinda like that stray cat that used to like our backyard.  He would perk up and bother his older brother just enough to get us thinking he must be on the up swing and then just as quickly as the surge in energy would come, it would be gone and he would flake out on the couch curled up with a blanket.  We used oil of oregano for the sore throat as well as warm honey & lemon water.  We also had an Anti-Cold remedy from the Health Food Store that contained some Echinacea.  We pulled out the humidifier and ran that while he slept.  I started giving him probiotics again too.  Probiotics are an important component of a healthy digestive tract.  Did you know that 60 – 70% of our immune system’s function is dependent on the health of our digestive system?  We don’t do supplemental probiotics everyday, because I would rather get these things from our food.  Some good food sources include unsweetened yogurt, sauerkraut, kefir & miso.  The reality though is that we rarely get enough.  When trying to support the immune system, it is the perfect time to add a little extra to our routine.  I often start probiotics when the kids start school or if there seems to be a little something going around.

I would love to hear from you…what are some of your favourite tried and true natural remedies that you use at home?  Leave them below in the comments…