Recently I learned of a fantastic food delivery service called Organics Live. I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely local couple, Remi & Sola and heard their story about why organic eating is important to them. I asked them a few questions and I wanted to share them with you.

What caused you to want to eat organic?

I, (Remi) exited a full time professional banking  job in 2010 to pay more attention to my health which had been neglected for so long due to the lack of a work/life balance and also, the general well being of my family.

This pursuit led me to discover the link between conventional foods and chronic diseases. Consequently, I made a life saving choice to eat clean healthy food. In addition, my daughter turned vegetarian about 4 years ago. And if I needed any push in eating healthy, this was it. This vegetarian initiative by my daughter together with my earlier discovery catalyzed the whole family into adopting the clean and healthy organic food option. This was the much needed impetus required to fill my desire to continue to live a healthy life with my family and being a 100% certified organic and clean food advocate is a way of giving back to my community especially those who have neglected their health and family’s well being for long because they are too busy to shop for scarce fresh, clean, affordable and healthy food. Today, Organics Live is proud to support local farmers and producers, educate families on healthy living and move sustainably produced goods and services from makers to your doorstep at a cost that is less expensive than shopping retail.

Isn’t it more expensive to eat organic?

We definitely hear that a lot. These days, most people know a lot about the benefits of organic produce for themselves and their families. But it can certainly be expensive at retail. The nice thing is we are able to offer fresher 100% certified organic produce at a much better price. We are up to 15-20% cheaper than what you will pay at the grocery store. We deliver to your door, every week with absolutely no delivery charge. It saves your gas and your time. And being able to just stay home some nights is really nice.

Where does the produce come from?

We are in partnership with local farms all over Ontario and up to 80% of our produce comes from Ontario. Our program ensures that wherever possible, product is sourced regionally in order to support local economies. Though we seek, wherever possible, to reduce the footprint of all of our activities and to reduce the number of miles traveled, farm-to-fork. The availability of local produce In Canada is heavily seasonal. For this reason, we choose to support our local contents with imported product where necessary, with a greater presence of non-local items through the winter and spring. Except where extremely limited alternatives exists (kiwis, for example), we do not purchase food from outside of the Americas. Due to concerns about growing, handling, and shipping practices, we do not purchase any food from China. Our food comes to us in the morning of the delivery day, are boxed and delivered to you the exact same day – it’s way fresher than what you will find in grocery stores because our produce do not sit on shelf for days.

What if I don’t like kale?

The cool thing about our box program is that you have the ability to influence what comes in your box. First off, we have a permanent exclusion option that you can use on your account. This gives you leverage to ensure that kale never gets into your box by putting it into the permanent exclusion list. In addition, we have a list of substitutions that accompany every weekly advice of what-is-in-your-box. With this, you make substitutions on what you will normally eat but prefer not to have in a particular weekly order. You can do this on a weekly basis as you prefer.

When is the produce delivered?

Our delivery times vary by day and by region. As a general rule, deliveries are available between 4 and 9 pm. For the Elmira, Kitchener, Waterloo, New Hamburg and Baden region, delivery is on Tuesdays. We will accommodate time-specific requests between 4 and 9pm to the best of our ability. Please include any time-related requests in the delivery details section, provided during account setup.

What happens when I go on vacation?

We have you covered!  You can pause your subscription when you are going on vacation or whenever at no extra cost. On your way back from vacation, you can just resume your subscription with a click !

For more information please check our FAQ on our website at

There you have it friends! The scoop on my big news! I received my first order last week and was thrilled with the freshness of everything. Consider making your life easier and give them a whirl. If you are on Facebook,  please show them some love and like their page as well. Be on the look out for a great contest coming soon!