Photo by Vicko Mozara on Unsplash

It’s time for a little holiday! Heading for holidays doesn’t mean you need to take a break from healthy habits. Come along with me as we explore ways to keep you on track while on vacation so you too can have healthy travels!

From here to there:

Whether travelling by plane, train or automobile, there are some great strategies to keep you feeling your best.

  • Pack snacks – nuts, seeds, healthy bars – Larabars, KIND bars, fruit & veggies (only if staying in country of origin), whole grain crackers, dried fruit
  • Stay hydrated – drink plenty of water, even if it means you will have to use the airplane washroom or make an extra pit stop. Dehydration leads to headaches, fatigue and can increase feelings of jetlag – this isn’t how I want to feel at any point during my vacation

Time for a little bevvie:

  • Water is your best friend – if you are staying at a resort, familiarize yourself with safe water practices; you may have to request bottled water or water directly from a restaurant; bring your own water bottle so that you can easily take it with you wherever you go
  • Watch the sweet drinks – one tropical type drink at a resort can pack a sugar & calorie punch. A Pina Colada comes in at about 10 tsp of sugar and around 600 calories give or take! You don’t have to avoid your favourite drinks altogether, but consider it a full out treat and skip the dessert table.
  • Lighter options – vodka & club soda with lime (you can also try tonic water – less sugar than a regular pop but still a little sweet,) wine or wine spritzer with club soda, mojitos, gin & tonic, cosmopolitan, apple martini, bloody Mary

Buffet strategies:

  • Don’t be afraid to share special requests – you are on holidays and the staff are there to help you have a great experience. Be polite but clear. It may take a little bit of effort to explain your needs, especially if there is a bit of a language barrier, but you’ll get there.
  • Choose one time per day for a ‘treat.’
  • Only go up to the buffet once per meal.

Better Breakfast Options

  • omelette station
  • fruit
  • oatmeal


  • create your own mini meals while focusing on different areas of the buffet at each meal – you really don’t have to try everything at each meal!
  • salad bar – ask for lemon juice/olive oil or balsamic vinegar/olive oil for your dressing
  • avoid breaded & deep fried items
  • keep sauces & gravies to a minimum


Other Tips

  • Be active – do yoga on the beach, aquafit in the pool, learn some new dance moves on the pool deck, play beach volleyball or spend some time in the gym. While it is nice to lounge, it is important to stay active too!
  • Pack probiotics – it is not uncommon for people to experience an upset stomach while adjusting to new foods, spices and even the water. Taking probiotics to help support your digestive system as well as your immune system is a great proactive approach to helping you feel your best on holidays! If you don’t normally take probiotics, begin taking them a few days before you leave so that your body has a chance to get used to them. Look for a shelf stable variety if possible so that you don’t have to worry about refrigeration.
  • Have fun! Do NOT calorie count or stress over what to eat. You are on holidays. Enjoy your vacation! A few pounds put on over the holidays usually disappears quickly as you get back into your normal routine.