I do hope that you are enjoying the holidays and new memories are being made with your loved ones.  The big power outage made for some new stories to share and retell over the years.  We made the best of the day and spent the 10 hours playing board games, singing Christmas carols by candlelight and we even cooked an awesome vegetarian chili on our wood stove!  We have 15 people staying with us over the holidays.  There have been lots of little parties with an abundance of food and various treats floating around the house.  It can be hard to stay on track with healthy eating over the holidays but the good news is that it is easy to get back on track with a little help.  Join me for a 4 session program where we will meet for 30 minutes each week for just $88!  Don’t have time to come to my office?  No problem, we can use Skype or Face Time to help us out.  Do you have a friend who might be interested as well?  Bring them along and they pay just half – at $44 it is a pretty sweet deal!  That way you’ll have the support of a good friend to keep you on track!

Our topics will include:

  1.  Nutrition Basics
  2. Crash course in label reading
  3. Weight loss tricks
  4. Recipes that will fill you up and nourish you!

I have only a few spaces for this great opportunity – contact me right away!  Call me at 519-503-7926 to set up our first session.  Let’s get back on the right track together!