Thanksgiving is just around the corner and if I’m being honest, I’m finding that this year I’ve had to dig a little deeper to stir up feelings of gratitude. In my mind, I can acknowledge the many things that I have to be grateful for…my family, my friends, my health, my home and my calling in life. Add to that list the many other things that I’m sure I often take for granted.

This year my spirit needs a little more coaxing. Maybe yours does too? My heart is heavy from pandemic fatigue. I miss welcoming friends into my home, big parties to celebrate milestones as well as the freedom to freely explore this world we live in without seriously considering where we will be able to eat or use the washroom. And, I really do miss sneezing without worrying that I’m making others around me nervous.

While this pandemic continues to challenge us in ways we never dreamed of, I want to encourage you to go the extra distance, dig a little deeper and don’t let guidelines intended to keep us safe steal your joy or gratefulness for the world around you.

Start by spreading some fall joy. I happen to think that a little homemade dish made with love is just the right way to start. Make these delicious carrot cake muffins, a batch my almost famous Butternut Squash Soup or one of my all time favourite fall drinks, Cozy Chai. Package it up in something pretty and spread some joy to your neighbours, family and friends. While the pandemic is hard on us all in varying degrees and ways, we will overcome. And when we do, may we look back on this time knowing that we did our very best to take care of one another.

Sending you love and cozy fall vibes!