Hormones impact us all – regardless of age, stage and gender. We all have them, but what is it that they actually do?

Pretty much EVERYTHING!!!! Hormones are chemical messengers that help regulate nearly every function in the body. When our hormones are even a little off, it can have a huge impact on our everyday mood, function and even memory and concentration.

Are there certain foods that support our hormone functions and those that hinder that function?

You bet there are. While hormones can be quite complex, there are some guidelines that are helpful no matter what age, stage or gender you happen to be. Join me for a brief dive into food & hormone health.hormones

Foods that can hinder hormonal balance:

• caffeine
• alcohol
• refined sugars
• refined carbs
• animal products
• food sensitivities or allergies

Foods that can help hormonal balance:

Healthy fats are important for supporting hormone function, memory recall, helping us feel full and regulating blood sugar levels.

• Avocado
• Raw nuts & seeds
• Salmon
• Flax & chia seeds
• Unsalted olives & olive oil

Fibre helps keep us regular which not only puts a little pep in our step, it helps us transport out excess hormones. Fibre also helps us feel full and balance blood sugar levels.

• Avocado
• Raw nuts & seeds
• Wide variety of vegetables & fruit
• Stewed prunes

Protein helps build and repair tissue and is important for growth, hormone and enzyme activity.

• Helps you feel full
• Supports blood sugar regulation; reduces cravings
• Real food sources are ideal such as meat, cheese, eggs, milk, lentils, beans, chia seeds, quinoa, hemp
• While protein powder can be helpful, aim for whole food protein sources

Carbohydrates provide energy as well as vitamins & minerals

• Remember that not all carbs are created equal. Some elevate your blood glucose levels much faster and higher than others
• Limit simple carbs and focus on complex carbs found in vegetables, fruits, legumes & whole grains

Focusing on nutrient dense whole foods not only supports your hormone health, it positively affects your body as a whole. Spring time is the perfect time to spring clean your diet and create sustainable changes to your grocery shopping list.

Photo by Anna Pelzer on Unsplash