I love this time of the year!  The anticipation of the Christmas season has begun at our house!  The parties, dinners and cookie exchanges are close at hand.  These are all wonderful things to enjoy but the temptation to indulge is great!  I want to help you avoid that dreaded post holiday resolve to lose weight after all the decorations are put away.  What if we could avoid that resolution all together? What if our resolutions could be about learning a new skill, making more time for friends and family or tackling a project that you’ve been procrastinating about?

Join me for a 4 session program where we will meet for 30 minutes each week for just $88!  Don’t have time to come to my office?  No problem, we can use Skype or Face Time to help us out.  Do you have a friend who might be interested as well?  Bring them along and they pay just half – at $44 it is a pretty sweet deal!  That way you’ll have the support of a good friend to keep you on track!

Our topics will include:

  1.  Nutrition Basics
  2. Crash course in label reading
  3. Surviving the Party – hidden calorie crashers
  4. Recipes to bring to the party that won’t add to your waist line!

Spaces are limited and won’t last long!  Call me at 519-503-7926 to set up our first session.  I promise, you will leave better equipped to handle all those appetizers, cookies and treats that come your way!