Embrace the SeasonWithout a doubt, this is the most unusual Christmas I have ever experienced and I am finding myself at a crossroads. Perhaps you are right here with me at this little junction in the road? I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I can either spend my efforts moping about the way Christmas isn’t this year, or I can choose to embrace the season, albeit very differently this year.

I don’t mean to make all this sound much simpler than it actually is. In the past week, I’ve had my fair share of covid fatigue. I’ve been frustrated with the reality of living in a pandemic and I’ve shed more than a few tears. I am longing for carefree gatherings with friends and family. For Christmas pageants and holiday concerts. For the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping that normally I try my best to avoid.

Here is the thing though. The Christmas spirit is alive and well.

  • I witness it when I notice the food bank containers overflowing with our community’s generosity at our local grocery stores.
  • I feel it when entering a store and someone holds open a door, even if it means doing it a little creatively to allow for extra space.
  • I see it when I scroll through social media and see the efforts people are putting in to make their outdoor light display a little extra spectacular all over the world.
  • I even got to experience it myself when a jolly old elf, made time to create a Christmas video for a special group of nursery school children with me.

Yes, Christmas celebrations are going to be different this year. Yes, we are going to miss a bunch of what makes the holidays special for us. But here is the thing, we can still create memories. And, they can be great memories. Embrace the season. And next year, when we are hopefully on the other side of this pandemic, we might even have a few new traditions to continue. The new tradition I am planning on beginning is making homemade cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning. This is often the part where I share a recipe with you. Since everything feels backwards and a little upside down, I figured that I would instead ask you for your tried, tested and true cinnamon roll recipes. If you have a great recipe to share, please email it to me at amy@designedforyounutrition.com

Wishing you a season of peace, comfort and joy,



Photo by Dilyara Garifullina on Unsplash