Easter is just around the corner.  But just how does one begin to celebrate a holiday in the middle of a pandemic? Even the idea of that sounds ludicrous at first. While I do want to be mindful of the obvious struggles we are facing – financial stress, health concerns for ourselves and loved ones as well as an overall sense of uncertainty, I would suggest that we should do it up right!

While it might not be possible to purchase all the Easter baskets fixings that we might under normal circumstances, I don’t think our kids really will mind. What I am proposing is that we celebrate hope and new life and we practice gratitude for the things we do have. For those who celebrate Easter from a spiritual lens, Easter has always represented new beginnings and hope for tomorrow.  Now more than ever, we need to be reminded that this storm too shall pass.

So here is what I propose for this Easter. While it certainly feels very different this year with physical distancing in place, that doesn’t mean we have to be socially isolated from one another. While I am 100% in agreement with giving each other physical space while we dampen COVID-19’s effect on our population, now more than ever we need to feel socially connected. But just how do we go about doing that?

We intend on getting social online through video chatting. While it can get a little chaotic while trying to talk to one another over a video feed, I think it actually mimics most of our large family gatherings quite well. In our case, we have decided to give our video chat a little bit of a game show feel. We will be giving everyone challenges to complete and perform as a family unit while the rest of us watch. There will bad singing, some goofy costumes and good belly laughs a plenty.

Here’s a list to get you started:

  • interpretive dance for 15 seconds
  • make up a song with the following words: chocolate, springtime & aardvark
  • sing or say the alphabet backwards
  • act out a job you don’t like doing in the spring
  • pretend to be a bee and go around pollinating flowers
  • tell a story about the time the Easter bunny got his tail stuck in his car door
  • create an air band with your family to perform, ‘Singing In the Rain,’ or ‘Stayin’ Alive’
  • re-create the image that is being sent by email – i.e. an old family photo, a scene from a movie, etc

I can’t give away all of our ideas because I don’t want to spoil the surprise for our family but the options are endless. Add your own suggestions to the list and get ready for some good memories. This Easter will be unlike any you’ve experienced so far, and I would suggest that it doesn’t have to be a bad thing!

If you don’t have the ability to use video chatting, the regular old phone works really well for feeling connected. Whatever you do, just reach out to someone and share some hope for tomorrow.

Wishing you and your loved ones peace and good health!