And then it happened – the Day of Reckoning

Photo by Jennifer Burk on Unsplash

As a nutritionist, I am happy to share when a recipe bombs, when my kids don’t eat their veggies and the fact that I don’t like kale chips. These things are easy and feel pretty safe to talk about.

There are other things that are harder though. Like the fact that I’ve struggled with self image and body issues in varying degrees since I was in elementary school.

It isn’t that I ever wanted to appear that I am above these issues, it just more tender when I find those issues rearing their ugly heads in the here and now.

It is easier to talk about the past because it isn’t so fresh. Time has created a safety net that makes it easier to be open and honest. The hard stuff is when some of those feelings come flooding back and you feel some of the confidence and wisdom you’ve gained over the years slip through your finger tips.

Turning 40!

I remember hearing from others that things start to change when you reach forty. I figured that it was likely nothing more than an urban myth and I was going to disprove it. I would show my optometrist that I didn’t need reading glasses, my metabolism wouldn’t feel like it screeched to a halt and I would continue to run the race at the same pace without blinking.

Well, while I still don’t think that turning forty magically signs you up for certain milestones, I can honestly say that there has in fact been a shift. Even though my eating habits haven’t changed, my pants are a little tighter, exercise doesn’t glean the same results that it used to and I may have had a night sweat or two. Hormones are shifting my friends and some days, I feel like I am on a bit of a roller coaster. Anyone with me?

I was beginning to let some of these things pull me down old, yet familiar paths farther than I wanted to go. And then it happened – The Day of Reckoning. I remembered that I am not the only one struggling here. I know that we are better together and if I share with you, perhaps you will be inspired too.

First of all, I am extremely grateful for all that my body has allowed me to do, like birth two amazing human beings, ride my bike 170 km in two days, climb a mountain…ok, it was only Blue Mountain but it counts, love my people and make a difference in my community. Your body is pretty amazing too! Look how far it has taken you and the things you have experienced so far!

I also decided to remind myself, as I’ve done countless times in my office for others, that my value has never been tied up in a number from a scale or what size my pants are. My value has always been tied up in simply being me. I was created with purpose and you were too.

I’m taking steps to love all of the skin I’m in. The softer curves and the rogue grey hairs are glorious reminders of the life that I’ve led so far.

I’m also digging a little deeper into hormones and thyroid health. I’m spending time just ‘being’ instead of doing. I’m simplifying life, de-cluttering and saying no without guilt. I’ve heard it said that when we say no to something, we are actually saying yes to something else.

What is it that you want to make room to say yes to?

I am certain that I will continue to ride this roller coaster for a little while. I will need to come back to my own words here and be reminded and encouraged. It is my hope that you also have been inspired.

Turning any age is not a reason to throw in the towel and give up on your goals. Rather it is an opportunity to evaluate and adjust course if needed.

I am excited to share more of my journey over the next while…and I would love to hear yours as well. It is through shared experiences that we create our sisterhood…a safe place to ask questions, learn from one another and find encouragement.