I have the distinct pleasure of introducing you to my friend Dr. Sarah Green. Sarah and her husband are both local chiropractors with a passion for helping our community live healthier lives. This past winter, Sarah and I along with another dear friend hosted a really special morning for ladies called, ‘Replenish.’ I was so taken with what Sarah shared that I couldn’t possibly keep it to the ladies in the room on that day. I asked Sarah if she would share it here so more women…men too for that matter could benefit from this not very well known perspective on living your best life. Without further ado, here is the information that can help you go from feeling frazzled, guilty and frustrated to embracing your ways.

Cyclical Living

As a mom, trying to function in society, run a business, and still feed my kids, I am no stranger to the ongoing battle of trying to fit my life into 24 hours each day. Sometimes I feel on top of the world as I check off boxes of all the things I have accomplished, while other days, especially when I am with the kids all day, I question if I have done anything at all.
But this past year I have been shown a whole new way to look at time management as experienced in the female body. It has altered the way I feel about myself as a mom, business owner and a human. I am much happier and connected to myself as well. So, let’s get started,
there’s no time to waste!
(This information was brought to me by Kate Northrup and she has written a book called Do Less which has a ton more information. My advice, if you want to learn more, check out her book)

Obviously, there are 24 hours in a day…

However, how we choose to live in those hours are mostly up to us. The 24-hour cycle is very much a male construct. The male body functions and cycles on a 24-hour clock, as men go through all hormonal phases in one day. We live in a patriarchal society, so it makes sense that most of us feel we must conform to this cycle.

Do you notice for yourself (or the females in your life), that some days you just don’t have the same energy? Maybe you don’t feel the same inside, maybe you feel like being around people and socializing (when normally you don’t), and maybe your motivation can skyrocket then at other times wax and wane?

The reason for this is that women function more on a 28 day cycle with 4 distinct phases and we are different during each of these phases. Each phase has its own unique opportunity. Let me explain by relating this to your menstrual cycle.

Menstrual Cycle

Follicular phase: This is the phase when the egg-producing follicles in your ovaries begin to mature and the ovary gets ready to release the egg. This is the part of your cycle when you are most primed to plan, plant seeds of creation and start new projects.
Ovulation phase: This is then your physical body is the most fertile and you are also energetically and creatively most fertile. You will be the most articulate and magnetic during this time. Your ovary releases an egg and its ready to be fertilized.
Luteal phase: This phase is after ovulation and before menstruation. This is the time of your cycle when your energy turns inwards. Physically, the corpus luteum, which is what is left of the ovarian follicle that housed the egg that was released, produces progesterone. This is the
the longest phase of the cycle and it is a great time for completing projects and wrapping things up.
Menstrual: This is when your endometrial lining is released and you bleed and is the start of a new cycle. Energetically this is the time when you should be resting and reflecting. Your brain is most wired for connectivity between the right and left hemispheres and your physical energy will be the lowest. You may not be very interested in socializing so it is a great time to take some time off.

What happens if you are not cycling?

The amazing thing about the cyclical nature of women is that it mirrors the cycles of the moon and it also mirrors the four seasons. So, if you don’t have a cycle, you can look to the moon to be there as a guide.
Follicular phase = Waxing crescent moon = Spring
Ovulation phase = Full moon = Summer
Luteal phase = Waning crescent = Fall
Menstrual phase = New moon = Winter

Common Concerns or Questions

1) My cycle doesn’t line up with the moon – Your cycle is your cycle. The purpose of understanding this is to better understand your ebbs and flows. If you menstruate with the full moon, you may just experience it to be more heightened or intense. That is okay.

2) I can’t only work with the moon or my cycle based on work/mom life, etc. None of us can. If you focus on 20-25% of your activities for being ideal for the phase you are in, it can make a huge difference.

3) I don’t have a cycle. Easy – track the moon. There are tons of apps that can tell you exactly where the moon is at.

How do I start doing this?

Currently, I am using Kate Northrups planner called the Do Less planner. BUT you can answer a bunch of these questions on your own. Ask yourself each day:
1) What day of my cycle am I in?
2) What phase of my cycle am I in?
3) What is the lunar phase?
4) How am I feeling today? How is my energy?
5) How can I fit more of me into this week?
6) What do I want to do?

This is just the tip of the iceberg but it can be world-altering if you dive into this information more.

Overall, my dream for you is to:
1) Give yourself some grace. We are all doing our best and showing up the best way we can.
2) Trust your body is incredible and we are all intuitive beings. We just have to listen to the wisdom coming from within.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at team@elmirafc.com

Yours in health,
Dr Sarah Green