I am not a fan of trendy diets. It doesn’t matter to me what celebrity has had overwhelming success with a certain way of eating. Don’t even get me started on smarmy supplement companies who prey on people’s insecurities. Over the years I too have struggled with body image issues. I’ve watched some fad diets come and go and even tried a few. In their few moments of fame, they’ve left a trail of tears, frustration and feelings of failure. Maybe for you too?

While I do discuss building a foundational healthy diet with my clients, what I am referring to couldn’t be any further from a fad diet. I’m talking about a collection of habits and foods that best support that individual’s physical, social and emotional health. My approach to diet is a personalized long-term strategy to support overall wellness that allows for chocolate cake without guilt. I don’t have a bag of tricks with quick fixes. Honestly, you deserve better than that.

Often come January, we decide that we can no longer live with the extra 10 lbs we are caring around. I’m not sure if that is because we have been enjoying all the flavours of the holidays and now feel guilty about it, or media tells us that we should re-invent ourselves to be someone better come January 1st. Have you ever counted how many gym, diet and supplements ads you see, hear or scroll by in the course of a day, especially come December 27th? We can quickly become transfixed on the number on the scale while completely ignoring other numbers that are of great value to our health.

Many of us own bathroom scales. Some step on it monthly, weekly and even daily. Let me ask you something. What is that particular number actually telling you about your overall health?

As a Nutritionist, I happen to think that there are some far more important numbers to be crunching when it comes to our overall health such as blood pressure, blood sugar levels as well as lipid levels. And while I don’t think we all need to rush out for a medical appointment to get us answers, I would suggest that perhaps knowing those numbers are of far greater significance than the number on your bathroom scale. And yet, which number gets the most attention?

Weighing yourself on a scale can give you some information, however, it is not the end all and be all of determining your health. It also should not have the power to make you feel like you are a good or human being. Your weight has nothing to do with your value as a person. End of story.

If you are ready to stop dieting and embrace a healthy relationship with food, I am ready and waiting to be your cheerleader. It might take some time, but together we will figure out sustainable strategies to nourish your body, mind and spirit. I will help you untangle food & guilt and help you listen to your body’s cues for building a great nutritional foundation to live your life upon. Want to learn more? You can reach me at amy@designedforyounutrition.com or 519-503-7926.