Catching Your Breath in the Fullness of Life – Creating Calm

I’ve decided to stop telling people that I’m busy. Being busy shouldn’t be a badge that we strive to earn in order to justify our existence on this planet. We are human beings, not human doings. I have begun to challenge the way I think and talk about my life with others…perhaps I can convince you to as well?


A busy life versus a full life.  What’s the difference?

A busy life leaves very little room for spontaneity, cultivating relationships and spending time on yourself. It is really more of a maintenance type of living. A full life brings joy, happiness and fulfillment even in the midst of a brimming schedule. Days can still get hectic but instead of living in a place of just keeping my head above water, I can look forward to the new adventure that awaits.

Do I always get this right though? Am I always able to keep my life is an adventure attitude? Sadly, no. I walk the fine line between being busy and having a full life. Some days my pace gets the best of me.

My attitude towards life has quite a bit to do with how well I have been eating, my quality of sleep and whether or not I’ve been doing a good job of listening to the cues my body has been sending. And, also the time of the month…oh mercy! Fluctuations in hormones can wreak havoc on what would be an ordinary morning in our home. All of a sudden the kids seem louder, my schedule – more demanding, traffic feels more frustrating and I begin to come undone.

If you’ve been feeling like the spinning plates are beginning to wobble, your to do list seems overwhelming, and you are losing sight of the people and things that really matter, I challenge you to make slowing down a priority and give yourself permission to just be.

While I am not trying to add to your, ‘to-do,’ list, I’ve found the following strategies so very helpful…

Get Up A Little Earlier

I try and get up before the rest of my family most days of the week. This time has become sacred for me. I need a few moments just for me to mentally prepare for the day. A hot cup of tea and a quiet house does wonders for my soul.

Eat Well

When I am feeling stressed, I often forget to eat well. I just like most of the world, crave sweets, chocolate and simple carbs more than usual. If I can see past the pie and focus on whole food options, I can handle what comes my way so much better. Excess caffeine can also contribute to increased feelings of anxiety and stress.

Ask For Help

I have been known to try and take on all the world’s problems while still having dinner at the table for 5:30.  I can’t do this and neither can you. I am getting better at asking for help – through prayer, giving the kids more responsibility around the house and enlisting family and friends.

Read a Book

Reading is a great way for me to unwind. I just have to make sure it isn’t too good or I never want to put it down!

Take Charge of the Calendar

When I can clearly see all that is going on, I am better able to get a handle on the day and week ahead. If I can write everything down and get it out of my head, I feel more put together and less like I am flying by the seat of my pants!

Turn Down the Lights

Turning down the lights, lighting candles and playing soft music calms even the youngest soul. We live in a world of bright lights, loud sounds and technology that vies for our attention. If we can dial back the sensory overload and create calm before bed, we will get better rest and relaxation before our next adventure tomorrow!


What are some of your favourite ways to create calm in your everyday? Share with us in the comments below!