Meals were created for connection. This is the very reason that most of us have some kind of eating table. Whether it is more casual like an island in the kitchen with stools, a kitchen table or a more formal dining room set-up, most of us have some kind of set up for communal eating. Not only does this method help keep us from dropping our food all over ourselves, it also provides a place to gather and connect.

This past year and a half, many of us were spent more time at home than we could imagine. Some families began creating special dining experiences in order to have something different to look forward to during the days, weeks and months that all seemed to blend into one another. While at times, all of this together time could be draining, we did begin to embrace more connection in the home.

As I watch the world around us pick up speed again – extracurriculars for the kids, social, committee meetings and sports for the adults, I am relieved and also hesitant. My hesitation comes from not wanting to forget the silver linings and lessons that were learned by living through the pandemic. I don’t believe that we are all the way out just yet, but I wonder if we are already trading in some of the beautiful things that the pandemic taught us for the outside world.

Here are my top 3 takeaways from pandemic living:Connection

1. Family & friends are so important.
2. Look out for one another.
3. Stay connected.

With this in mind, I encourage you to make family dining a priority even in the midst of increasingly busy schedules. Plan at least one meal per week where everyone in the household is present. I understand that this may need to be a floating day that changes week to week, but make this non-negotiable. Before you tell me that this just isn’t possible, I ask you to consider breakfast. No one said it needs to be for supper. Breakfast can be a really great meal to gather around the table at. It might mean that everyone needs to get up 10 minutes earlier, but it can absolutely be accomplished.

Wishing you warm bowls, full bellies and family connection around your table…


Photo by Jimmy Dean on Unsplash