Can you give up refined sugar for one week? Think about this for a moment… What’s the worst that can happen? What’s the best that can happen? Join me as I tuck the sugar bowl to the back of the pantry along with my leftover Easter mini eggs, and say goodbye to sugar for a whole week.

Giving up refined sugar can be hard…really hard. There has been plenty of discussion in the media about just how difficult giving up the white stuff can be. Many research studies are lumping our need for sugar in with other addictive substances such as alcohol and drugs. We are hard wired from birth to enjoy the sweetness of mama’s milk. From then on, food manufacturers have no issue providing us an abundance of sugary solutions to feed our sweet tooth.

I challenge you to hit the reset button on your taste buds and pass on refined sugar with me for a whole week. Think that a week is too long? Start with one day and build from there.

What does skipping sugar look like exactly?

  • It means eating whole, fresh or frozen fruit when that sweet craving hits. You can make smoothies to drink, or freeze in popsicle molds for a sweet treat.
  • It means using a scant amount of honey or maple syrup in your morning cup of coffee or tea if you just can’t bare to drink it au naturel. You could also try a licorice root tea which is naturally sweet all by itself.
  • It means reading labels while shopping. If you see the word sugar or any of its alias, leave it in the grocery store. Items such as pop, cookies, some breads, baked goods as well as most boxed cereals are better left in the store.
  • It means allowing your taste buds to really begin to taste food without the influence of sugar to cloud the experience.

I remember the first time I gave up sugar. It was tough, but I felt great after I did! I had more pep in my step and didn’t experience the same dips in energy that I had before. I also noticed the flavours of other foods more vibrantly.

Considerations: If you are diabetic or experience any other condition that is impacted greatly by diet, then a more conservative approach may be better suited for you. Please speak to your primary health care provider for direction in this area.

Come on, join me! If you are on Facebook, join my Skipping the Sweets group where you can expect to be inspired and encouraged to keep up the good work! We start Monday, April 9th!