Hi there, it’s Donna here from Heart of the Matter Professional Organizing.

I once heard the statement — as the kitchen goes, so goes the rest of the house.  I find this true in my home.  How about for you? I feel like if I can keep up with my kitchen then I have a fighting chance of keeping my head above water in the rest of the house.

Over our 15 years in business as Professional Organizers,  Rhonda and I have helped lots of women organize their kitchens.  

Something that works well for many people is to organize in zones.  We love this concept and the more you think about it the more sense it makes.  It is a way to work smarter not harder in your space.

Think about your kitchen and the different tasks you need to accomplish there.   

I welcome you into my little kitchen today.  Let’s make our way through the different zones and I’ll share some tips and tricks of the trade with you!  (Oh, and by the way, I’m sometimes known as Mama Bear 🙂

Zone #1 has us taking a peek at the fridge and the area around the sink in my kitchen.

Zone #2 in my space is the beverage zone and the area around the stove.

Zone #3 is the last section as we make our way around the room.  Here I have spices, cookware, my recycling station and more!

If you would benefit from some “hands on help” to create calm out of chaos in your kitchen (or anywhere in your house!), we’d love to partner with you!   Contact us today.  Mention this blog and receive 15% off your project.

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Donna Schmidt and Rhonda Erb are both wives and mothers.  The two joined together to start Heart of the Matter Professional Organizing in June 2004.

With expertise, compassion, creativity and a good sense of humour Donna and Rhonda show their residential and business clients how to conquer the clutter, rid their space of the stacks of paper and manage their time effectively.  

Donna & Rhonda love all things “organizing”, so in 2010 they expanded their services and brought a 2nd business under their umbrella.  Senior’s Move – a senior’s rightsizing and relocation service – is a perfect compliment to the services they already offer as Professional Organizers.

Rhonda & Donna each bring with them a wide variety of people skills and a genuine desire to encourage and mentor their clients.