Getting ready to head to the cottage, to the beach or on a road trip? Here are my top 5 tips for keeping your nutrition on track while travelling.

1. Pack food.

Before every road trip, I pull out the cooler and make sure that we have fresh fruit, veggies & hummus, rice crackers, granola bars, raw nuts and lots of water. If we are going out of the country, we skip the fresh produce and go shopping once we arrive at our destination. Travelling with fresh produce across international borders can be done, but a little more planning and thought is required. For more information on what you can pack, click here.

2. Ask questions.

My son has a few food sensitivities. I look ahead of time for local restaurants that offer gluten and dairy free options so that we have a plan. I also like to look for grocery stores to supplement what we bring. Once we arrive, we ask around for suggestions. Who knows the local area better than the folks who live there? At our hotel in Old Quebec City a few years ago, we asked for gluten free suggestions and were given a whole list of options that made our stay a little easier.

3. Drink water.

While holidays are fantastic, we often forget to do things we would normally do simply because we are out of routine. Drinking enough water usually falls by the way side. Bring your reusable water bottle and make sure you fill it up several times during the day. Many people struggle with constipation while away from home. Drinking enough water and taking a shelf stable probiotic can goe a long way to keeping you regular while on the road and helps you ward of dehydration.

4. Bring breakfast.

Bringing along breakfast is a huge money and time saver in hotels! Pack instant oatmeal and use the in room coffee maker for hot water. Add in fruit, granola and yogurt and you have some great options for your morning meal. Most hotels have small fridges to keep things cold. Even if they don’t, they are sure to have ice machines to keep your perishables safe. This one strategy can save at least $140.00 for a week long holiday. ($20 per breakfast for a week long holiday)

5. Enjoy the local delicacies.

Planning a trip somewhere special this year? Whether it is somewhere like Italy with oodles of pasta and gelato or your cottage with beach fries and ice cream, don’t sweat the small stuff. I know how my family normally eats. Because of this, I don’t worry about it. I enjoy our vacations thoroughly knowing that vegetables and fruit make a regular appearance in our diet.

Above all else, enjoy time with family and friends making memories, having fun and taking some time for rest and rejuvenating.