Want to make your own energy bar, cereal or trail mix?Let U RAAW help you do that! You can even give your blend a snazzy name that gets printed right on the package! I did this with my boys and they were thrilled with the end result! I had the opportunity to speak directly with one of the owners and I must say that I was even more in love with this local business after our chat! I asked Adam a few questions about the company and why they do what they do.


How did U-RAAW! originate?

About a year and a half ago, my wife Kathryn and I started U-RAAW!. Our dream was to create a fun and convenient way for Canadians to design their own, personally customized health foods. I have a background in health and nutrition and we both have a passion for healthy living, so U-RAAW! was a manifestation of what we both believe in and care about.

What sets you apart from other health food producers?

Our commitment to freshness and high quality ingredients, as well as the ability for our customers to completely customize their health food products is definitely what sets us apart. The custom products we offer are fresh, handmade, hand-packaged and can be fully tailored to meet most nutritional, dietary or taste requirements. We really believe in freshness, so most orders are shipped the same day they are made.

What products do you offer?

Customizable protein bars, cereals, trail mixes and smoothie mixes, but also organic nuts, seeds, dried fruits, superfoods and superfood powders, nut butters and many more delicious health food products.

We use only the highest quality, freshest ingredients we can find and choose local whenever possible. Our products/ingredients do not contain GMO’s, soy, wheat or preservatives and many of our products are ordered directly from the farms they came from.

What is your favourite U-RAAW! product?

Tough to say, as I have so many, and all of the products we sell are so great and healthful in their own different ways. If I had to pick, right now I’d say I’m a big fan of our Coconut Crusher vegan bars, and the Vanilla Cashew Gryphon Bars. I also love our organic wheatgrass powder for an easy, daily boost of alkalizing, energizing phytonutrients.

What are your plans for the future?

uraawWe are working on adding more bulk-buying options and adding more of our own unique protein bar flavours to the web store. Our customers will soon be able to order all of our nuts, seeds and dried fruit in bulk at considerable savings. We recently welcomed a Holistic Nutritionist to our team, so we will be working with her to provide our customers with the best possible health food experience. Finally, we plan to get our protein bars into more retail locations across Ontario.   

To check out their website or to order your own custom blends, visit them at www.URAAW.ca Make sure you enter the coupon code DFYN to receive 5% off your first order!