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Manage Your Stress This Holiday Season!

According to the Oxford dictionary, the definition of holiday is: a day of festivity or recreation when no work is done. Well, we all know too well, there’s plenty of work involved in preparing for the holidays.  Take the stress of shopping, deadlines, putting in extra hours at work, over-indulging, over extending the credit card, [...]

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Get More Sleep!

Over the years, our lives have become more hectic and fast-paced than ever before. We are working to earn a living, taking care of our homes, raising children, trying to socialize and still have time for ourselves. Our list of things to do and places to be seems unending. We are constantly being bombarded with [...]

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Let Food Be Thy Medicine

Let Food Be Thy Medicine Hippocrates This article first appeared in November 2015’s edition of the Rural Route. The leaves are falling and the temperature is dropping. Warm sweaters and cozy slippers have begun to take their rightful place in our home. As a nutritionist and lover of food, each changing season brings different flavours [...]

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It’s Okay, You Can Still Eat Bacon – Sometimes.

It’s okay, you can still eat bacon – Sometimes. In the world of nutrition, there always seems to be a latest and greatest study that has discovered something ‘new.’ This past week we found out that eating bacon, hot dogs or other processed meat on a daily basis could be bad for you. Hmmm…seems to [...]

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